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Pink Lincolns: Back From The Pink Room CD

Digitally re-mastered with bonus tracks
Razorcake Review:
PINK LINCOLNS: Back from the Pink Room:
"A fancy, high production re-issue of Tampa, Florida's Pink Lincoln's first studio record from 1988.
If you ve never heard of them before, think Angry Samoans, Vindictives, and split releases with The Queers and Screeching Weasel in the early 90s. If that doesn t help, think of a rusty knife stabbing you in the ear by a bunch of snotty malcontents whose Ramones pop sensibilities are as evident as their unresolved hostility issues. If songs were cars, the Pink Lincolns would be spray painted, on blocks, and in a weeded front yard. The stereo would work and there d be a functioning BBQ where the gas tank used to be. Life was pretty shitty, and it gave the Pink Lincolns a lot to sing about. A welcome reissue. "
Todd Taylor: Razorcake magazine
Track Listing
1. Miami
2. I've Got My Tie On
3. I'm So Polite
4. Temporary Friends
5. Age
6. I've Got A Gun
7. Man's Best Friend
8. Suburbicide
9. Victim's Rights
10. Not For Sale
11. Black Circles
12. Bad T.V
13. Velvet Elvis
14. Fuck Sex
15. Paper Girls(bonus Track)
16. Obscene Phone Call(bonus Track)
17. I Do (German Version Bonus Track