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The Pinkerton Thugs: The Pain And.. CD (Bonus tracks)

Contains all original remastered tracks, plus bonus tracks from the "Life Liberty, pursuit of "7"
One of the most acclaimed bands in the New England scene, as well as one of the most revered albums. Originally released in 1997 the original recording went quickly out of print. Pinkerton Thugs was formed by members of The Ducky Boys, The Unseen, and Dropkick Murphy’s, and fronted by Paul Russo, who also played in Anti-Flag for a short while, as well as fronting The Unseen, and Vigilante’s.
Way ahead of their time, they pioneered the working class oi style of bands such as Dropkick Murphy’s, Street Dogs, Swaggering Growlers and many more, with bands far and wide citing Pinkerton Thugs as an influence.
This album features all original thirteen tracks, remastered with Bonus tracks from the elusive "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit Of Shit E.P.
1. One Day
2. We Build Our Own Prisons
3. Russia
4. The Deal
5. The Social Monster
6. Cruelty Free
7. For The Warriors
8. The Struggle Continues
9. Battlecry
10. Ballad Of The Slaughterhouse
11. Propaganda By The Dead
12. The Coldest War
13. The Town Where I Was Born
14. *murdered By The Fbi
15. *suburbicide
16. *freedom (free Doom?)
17. *the Warfare Division
18. *shit
19. *punching Numbers