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Moral Crux: Self titled debut LP. (Comes with massive bonus tracks and bonus CD

Excellent high quality vinyl release on Heavy wax.
Contains massive ammounts of bonus tracks.
This is out of print, we just got a few in from our old distributor.
Classic Moral Crux release which went through multiple pressings during the 80's and early 90's on various labels before finally going out of print for around 16 years.

This release contains all of the original tracks re-mastered, all of the tracks from the Moral Crux "Load Of Dead Tracks" 7" release, as well as live recordings from around the time period.
Vinyl Recording contains 22 tracks
Track Listing
1 Right To Know
2 Mindless Obedience
3 Voices Of Reaction
4 Thicker Than Blood
5 Ain't Always Right
6 Law And Order
7 Sex Death
8 The Battle
9 Invalid
10 Religious Discipline
11 Is There Life?
12 Kick It Over
13 How Many More?
14 Why Not?
15 Strange World
16 Gun's
17 What Can I Do?
18 Destitute
19 Mental Oppression
20 What Can I Do?
21 Zombie Nightmare
Comes with bonus replicated cd with 30 tracks